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A Revolutionary Therapy Using Brain Neuroplasticity To Restore Wellness

Brain Neuroplasticity
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Self-Paced Wellness Courses You Do In The Comfort Of Your Home





Restore Wellness Courses introduce you to a revolutionary new approach to wellness; 

Neural Retraining, commonly referred to as "Retrain Your Brain" therapy, one of the most exciting new developments in medical research used to reset a malfunctioning Limbic Brain System utilizing new discoveries in brain neuroplasticity.

Neural Retraining therapy techniques can help you manage symptoms and may even eliminate chronic conditions and unwanted behavior habits once thought to be unchangeable. 


Release Stress Stored In the Brain

Reframe & Reset Stress Response

Retrain Your Limbic Brain 

Restore Whole-Person Wellness

The 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System uses advanced neural retraining therapy, in a 4-step process that Releases ~ Reframes ~ Retrains ~ and Restores Wellness using a powerful combination of neurolinguistic mind-body techniques with the principles of brain neuroplasticity to reset limbic brain impairment and restore a malfunctioning stress response to release stress and trauma "stuck" in the limbic system and thought to be the catalyst for many chronic conditions.

The 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System has become the most affordable way for people

to take back control of their health and their lives by restoring whole-person wellness



The 4R's System uses modern discoveries in brain neuroplasticity or the flexibility of the brain that allows it to easily reverse or "unlearn" unwanted habits and behavior patterns stored in the brain... including chronic pain, illness and unwanted habits that previously sabotaged your wellness goals. Once you learn these NRT techniques you can use them to achieve many other goals in life. 

Neuroplasticity gives you the opportunity to change chronic conditions

and unwanted habits once thought to be unchangeable


 Become the best version of your healthy self with Restore Wellness Courses

When you take control of your health, you take back control of your life

Restore Wellness Courses

Start Your Journey To  A Happier, Healthier Life

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Advanced Neural Retraining Course for CRPS-

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Learn this revolutionary new approach to managing pain and symptoms of CRPS using the principles of brain neuroplasticity. Plus additional selfcare strategies include stress control, CRPS diet, peaceful sleep and a Pacing Activity Program helps avoid painful flare-ups. This course is proven successful, written by a CRPS patient and pain management practitioner, it gets amazing results.

You can manage pain and reclaim your life. 

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weight loss online course

The Mind-Body Weight loss System

The Last Weight Loss System You Will Ever Need!

This program is unique, unlike any other weight loss program you have previously tried to manage weight. 

It has 2 components to help you manage your weight; a holistic food diet plan and neural retraining techniques to eliminate unhealthy eating habits; over-eating, junk food cravings, stress or emotional eating, and break the habit of diet failure that sabotages your efforts to lose weight. 

Take the weight off

& keep it off!

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stop smoking online course

Successfully Stop Smoking / Vaping

A 14-Day Program

This program uses powerful Neural Retraining Techniques to eliminate the habit and desire to smoke/vaping. It can help reduce anxiety associated with quitting and has special techniques for weight control.   

NRT is unlike any other method you have previously used to quit, it literally reverses the stages the brain used to create the habit of smoking, even if you started decades ago as a teenager! 

Most people quit within the first few days with very little withdrawal symptoms. This is modern smoking cessation. 

You Can Quit! 

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anxiety online course icon

Freedom From

Anxiety, Panic & Fears

Advanced Neural Retraining Course for Anxiety Panic & Fear 

This course teaches you powerful retraining techniques to "unlearn" how your body responds to stress (the fight or flight response) and how to activate your natural relaxation response.  In includes additional self-care strategies to reclaim your life from anxiety, healthy lifestyle tips for optimum wellness. 

Take Back Your Life from the Grip

Of Anxiety & Panic

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Success Stories
Over the past few decades, I have had many clients send me testimonials

and stories of success using my wellness programs.
I'd like to share a few with you. 

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My Name is Carol Charland-Cliche

Author & Wellness Coach

My Restore Wellness Courses introduce you to The 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System, which I created from my expertise as a Neurolinguistics Practitioner (private practice since 1998) and being a chronic pain patient with CRPS- Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  

I Understand Life With Chronic Pain. In my own search for an opiate-free approach to managing pain, I discovered a revolutionary new drug-free approach to eliminating root causes of limbic impairment, where pain messaging can get "stuck" causing chronic pain conditions and how it gets "unstuck". 


Since my recovery and remission in 2017, I have helped people worldwide get amazing results with The 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System. 

Please Join me on this remarkable healing journey using this revolutionary new approach to whole-person wellness.

Restore Wellness

"My personal mission is to touch the hearts and souls of people worldwide, to teach them this revolutionary new approach to  achieving their wellness goals and live a healthier, happier life."

Carol-Charland-Cliche   Author & Wellness Coach  



The Courses are designed to be pain-patient friendly; Carol Charland-Cliche , the creator of the wellness programs, understands life with chronic pain, she is a pain patient.  She understands people living with chronic pain and illness can experience difficulty learning new material, issues with memory and focus, and may be unable to stay engaged in a project. 

The Courses are divided into learning-modules that are easy to read and understand, short and to the point so you can move through them quickly and begin the healing process. 



Each Course has a Daily Coaching Plan that helps you incorporate what you've learned into your daily routine. The Courses simply give you the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your wellness goals as quickly as possible.  

It's that simple!


 Online courses are self-directed learning at your own pace, you do in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  If you need extra help, you can book an affordable online therapy appointment with Carol Charland-Cliche to assist you. 

*LIVE group workshop events are held periodically via Zoom videoconference.

Reclaim Your Health & Happiness

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Please contact us with any questions you may have concerning our wellness courses. 


We welcome your inquiries and look forward to helping you find the course to fit your wellness needs. 

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