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Advanced Neural Retraining
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome formerly known as RSD Reflex Sympathetic Nerve Dystrophy is a life changing neuro-inflammatory pain syndrome. 

People with CRPS face many challenges the most critical being finding effective pain and symptom relief.  Neural Retraining Therapy has proven effective in managing pain and symptoms of CRPS. 


You will learn the same powerful retraining techniques that Carol Charland-Cliche, creator of this program and a CRPS patient uses for pain management and to maintain her state of remission since 2017. 

Manage Pain & Get Your Life Back!


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The Results After 30-Days Program

 “I have CRPS of the right hand after a wrist fracture on March 26 and surgery on April 2. I have completed the 30 day “Retrain the Brain” program. (I have included before and after pictures). The swelling is down and the discoloration has improved. I still have pain but it is reduced. There has been no change in mobility.  I listen to the recording every night when I go to bed. The first 3 nights, it increased my anxiety level and I could not complete the sessions. However, on the 4th night, I fell asleep about half way through the recording. Now I fall asleep quickly and soundly.


Overall, at the end of the 30-day program, my hand has improved and I am able to get a good night’s rest. I am going to continue listening to the daily recording”    -Rosie B


RosieB took photos before and after the 30-days on the CRPS program of her CRPS hand. 

crps hand 1


CRPS RSD hand 2

 After 30-Day Program

Course Content 

 This Course is written specifically for the unique pain and symptoms of CRPS by a CRPS patient who understands the disorder . Carol Charland-Cliche holds a diploma in CAM Complimentary Alternative Medicine and as a Neurolinguistics Pain Management Practitioner since 1998.

She is a leading neural retraining therapist with private therapy clientele from around the world.  


You will learn the same NRT therapy for pain relief that Carol uses to maintain her wellness and remission .


Course Learning Modules

SECTION 1: Introduction To Restore Wellness Course For CRPS

  • Meet Carol Charland-Cliche;  My journey to wellness

  • The wellness journal (download)

SECTION 2: Introduction to 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System (4-step process)

  • About: CRPS

  • The 4R'sNeuroplastic Healing System 

  • Introduction to modern neurosciences & brain neuroplasticity 

  • How does neural retraining work for CRPS

SECTION 3: The Mind-Body Connection

  • Tools for retraining the brain

  • Cutting-edge therapy: recordable meditation scripts 

  • How to record therapy scripts on your mobile phone in 3 easy steps

SECTION 4: The 4R's System STEP 1: Release & Reset

  • The role of stress & trauma in chronic conditions

  • How stress & trauma get encoded in the brain to cause symptoms

  • The stress response

  • Techniques to reset the stress response

  • A revolutionary technique to release encoded trauma

  • Lifestyle tips for managing stress

  • THERAPY SCRIPT:  The script for CRPS ( audio written specifically for CRPS- pain relief techniques, release trauma, stress relief, reinforce wellness) 

  • The daily plan ( how to incorporate techniques into daily routine) 

SECTION 5: The 4R's System STEP 2 & 3: Reframing Pain & Retraining The Brain

  • Techniques to reframe & retrain the brain

  • 2 techniques to reframe pain, illness & symptoms

  • 10 pain anesthesia techniques for pain relief

  • The pain dial technique

  • THERAPY SCRIPT: The body Scan (audio)

  • The daily plan ( how to incorporate techniques into daily routine) 

SECTION 6: The 4R's System STEP 4: Restoring Wellness

  • Design a pacing activity program to fit your needs ( to avoid flareups from over-activity)

  • Pain friendly diet for CRPS

  • Know your pain triggers  (apps, pain diary)

  • Peaceful sleep

  • Self-care: customize a selfcare regimen for whole-person wellness: mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually

  • The power of Remembered Wellness

  • THERAPY SCRIPT: Remembered Wellness (audio)

  • Support groups

  • CRPS resources

  • The daily plan (incorporate techniques into daily routine)

SECTION 7: Putting Pieces of the Puzzle Together

  • The therapy plan for CRPS ( put all you've learned together in a treatment plan)








About The Wellness Course:  

  • You will learn modern neuroscience, neuroplasticity principles, limbic system function and how stress is related to limbic system impairment and chronic symptoms

  • Learn how stress and trauma (injury) get encoded or “stuck” in the brain even when you are unaware of it, sending constant pain messages to the brain, and how to release these old patterns of behavior to get “unstuck”

  • Learn how to prevent future stress from being encoded in the brain. 

  • Learn mind-body tools that tap into the power of the subconscious mind to calm, soothe and regulate the function of the nervous system and reverse the maladapted stress response in the limbic system

 Course Includes:

  •  Step-by-step guide to powerful neurolinguistic retraining techniques specific to CRPS

  • You can begin to use the pain relief techniques immediately to achieve wellness goals

  • Each of the 4-steps (release-reframe-retrain-restore wellness) in The 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System is clearly demonstrated for you with instructions on how to easily incorporate these techniques into your daily life

  • Recordable Meditation Therapy Scripts; a cutting-edge therapy that uses the power of your own voice to infuse your mind and body with healing relief and reinforces the new neuropathways for positive change 

  • Additional lifestyle wellness strategies for: self-care; diet, stress control, Activity Pacing Program, and peaceful sleep  

  • A daily plan helps you put the pieces of the healing puzzle together, so you easily incorporate it into your daily routine

This course is proven effective by other CRPS patients. It is designed to help you take back control of your life from the grip of CRPS pain. Most people see a difference in their ability to manage pain better using the pain relief techniques within the first 14 days.   

You Can Manage Pain &  Reclaim Your Life 

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