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Successfully Stop Smoking In 14-Days  

A Modern Approach to Quit Cigarettes & Vaping 

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You Can Quit!

This 14-Day program is unique, unlike any other program you have previously tried to stop smoking or vaping. 

Neurolinguistic retraining techniques root-out the cause of why you smoke and eliminates it by releasing all the old habits and addictive behaviors stored in the brain going back to when you first started smoking…  

even if that was as a teenager!

Course Learning Modules

SECTION 1: Introduction To Successfully Stop Smoking Course

  • Meet carol Charland-Cliche

  • How to use this course

SECTION 2: Introduction To Neurosciences

  • Modern Neurosciences: How NRT can help you quit. 

  • Brain Neuroplasticity in Neural Retraining

SECTION 3: Strategies & Techniques To Help You Quit

  • Change perspectives... change your life

  • NRT Techniques to eliminate habits & withdrawal symptoms

  • Strategies & techniques to control anxiety about quitting & appetite control

  • The daily plan ( how to incorporate techniques into daily routine) 

SECTION 4: Cutting-Edge Therapy- Recordable Meditation Scripts ( audio) 

  • How to record audio scripts (audio) on your mobile phone in 3 easy steps

  • THERAPY SCRIPT 1: Successfully Stop Smoking audio ( includes: release & reverse habits, no withdrawal symptoms, become a non-smoker permanently) 

  • The power of Remembered Wellness 

  • THERAPY SCRIPT 2: Remembered Wellness audio (a permanent non-smoker reinforced, peak potential health) 

  • Daily plan (incorporate techniques in daily routine) 

SECTION 5: Putting Pieces of the Puzzle Together

  • The 14-Day plan to successfully stop smoking

Set yourself free from cigarettes 

When the brain releases the habits stored in the brain that has been governing your actions associated with cigarette smoking, your behaviors towards cigarettes change automatically.

No Withdrawal Symptoms

Most people quit with minimal or no withdrawal symptoms and no urge to smoke. When the brain releases the addictive habit that has been programmed there the craving for cigarettes is also released.


Overcome Fear of Weight Gain 

This program is unlike other methods, you will not be substituting food for cigarettes once you quit. The "hand-to-mouth" action is simply a habit formed in the brain and it is released with the other habits associated with smoking cigarettes. You can use the NRT techniques to control appetite, junk food cravings and stress eating. 

Stress & Anxiety Control 

Most smokers use cigarette smoking as a way to relax "to take a mental break".  This behavior is simply another habit formed in the brain that can be released with neurolinguistic retraining techniques. This program incorporates stress control and natural relaxation therapy into the mind-body techniques to retrain the brain to manage stress. 

Releasing Habits in the Brain

The brain is the master control center for every function in your mind and body, it operates very much like a computer. The software programming in the master computer controls how you act, feel, think, it programs your habits and behaviors from the data stored in the brain. ​ Using Neuroliguistic retraining techniques to change habits is very similar to updating a software program in a computer, once you push the delete key and change the outdated programming (habits) you change the outcome (behaviors) to your desired goal. 


About The Wellness Course:  

  • You will learn how modern neuroscience and neuroplasticity principles can help you quit the habit of smoking. 

  • Learn how habits get encoded or “stuck” in the brain even when you are unaware of it, and how neural retraining techniques release these old patterns of behavior to get you “unstuck” eliminating the habit entirely. 

  • Once you learn the NRT techniques you can use them to achieve other life goals. 

Course Includes:

  •  Step-by-step guide to powerful neurolinguistic retraining techniques specific to smoking cessation

  • Recordable Meditation Therapy Scripts; a cutting-edge therapy that uses the power of your own voice to reinforces new neuropathways for positive change 

  • Additional lifestyle wellness strategies for: self-care, anxiety and weight control 

  • A daily plan helps you put incorporate the techniques into your daily routine

You Can Also  BOOK ONLINE HERE   Coaching Appointment  For This Course with Carol Charland-Cliche 

Carol Charland-Cliche

Carol has successfully used this program to help clients stop smoking since 1998!  She originally taught the American Cancer Society's smoking cessation program in corporate employee wellness programs. She holds a diploma in CAM Complimentary Alternative Medicine and as a Neurolinguistics Practitioner since 1998. She is a member of IACT; The International Association of Counselors & Therapists.  She is a leading neural retraining therapist with private therapy clientele from around the world.  

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