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The Mind-Body Weight Loss System 

The Last Weight Loss Program You Will Ever Need!

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$49 Course
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Start Losing Weight Now! 

Course Content 

This 30-Day program is unique, unlike any other weight loss program you have previously tried!  


Modern discoveries in brain neuroplasticity shows us how easy it is for the brain to “unlearn” unwanted habits and “retrain your brain” to control appetite, have healthy eating habits and let go of stubborn weight.  


Combines 2 Components:  a scientifically proven holistic diet/food plan and neural retraining "retrain your brain" therapy (NRT) techniques to help you eliminate unhealthy eating habits like; over-eating, junk food cravings and emotional stress eating that has sabotaged your efforts in the past.  No other weight loss program offers NRT retraining! 

A Holistic Diet/Food Plan:  A scientifically proven diet used successfully for decades. The holistic diet/food plan becomes “a way of eating” vs a diet. It sustains long-lasting weight loss and a high level of health. It is easy to follow and easy to stay on.  It will become a healthy way of eating for a lifetime. 

Course Learning Modules

SECTION 1:  Introduction to the Mind-Body Weight Loss System

  • How to successfully use this course

  • Meet Your Instructor: Carol Charland-Cliche

  • Food diary & journal (download) 

SECTION 2:   BOOK  1: An Introduction To Neural Retraining Therapy

  • The 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System: Release the weight, Reframe food habits, Retrain eliminate diet failure & Restore Wellness

  • Modern neurosciences & Brain Neuroplasticity 

  • Tools for retraining the brain to lose weight

SECTION 3: Techniques For Changing Eating Habits

  • How eating habits are stored in the brain from childhood & how to release them

  • Diet failure: Why other programs failed

  • 3 Techniques to eliminate unhealthy habits

  • Stress control

  • Positive affirmations for your ideal body

SECTION 4: Cutting-Edge Therapy-Recordable Meditation Audios

  • The benefits of recordable scripts vs MP3 downloads

  • How to record scripts (audio) on your mobile phone in 3 easy steps

  • SCRIPT 1: Release the weight & change habits, reinforces the diet plan. 

  • SCRIPT 2: body sculpt your ideal body, boost metabolism & burn fat 

SECTION 5:  BOOK 2:  The Food Plan

  • How to use the plan & the benefits

  • Food columns, foods to avoid.

  • Sample menu

  • Jumpstart your weight loss: The 7 day detox plan

SECTION 6:  Putting Pieces Of The Puzzle Together

  • The Daily Plan: A guide to using the NRT techniques and the food plan

About The Wellness Course:  

  • You will learn how modern neuroscience and neuroplasticity principles can help you lose stubborn weight 

  • Learn how unhealthy eating habits get encoded or “stuck” in the brain even when you are unaware of it, and how neural retraining techniques release these old patterns of behavior to get you “unstuck” 

  • Once you learn the NRT techniques you can use them to achieve other life goals. 

Course Includes:

  •  Step-by-step guide to powerful neurolinguistic retraining techniques specific to weight loss

  • Recordable Meditation Therapy Scripts; a cutting-edge therapy that uses the power of your own voice to reinforces new neuropathways for positive change 

  • BONUS SCRIPT:  The body sculpting script for your ideal body weight

  • Additional lifestyle wellness strategies for: self-care and stress control 

  • A daily plan helps you put incorporate the diet and techniques into your daily routine

Proven Successful

Carol Charland-Cliche has successfully used this weight loss program with private therapy clients since 1998!  She holds a diploma in CAM Complimentary Alternative Medicine and in Neurolinguistics since 1998. She is a leading neural retraining therapist with private therapy clientele from around the world.  



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